CBD Oil Vs CBD Tincture

CBD Tincture
CBD Tincture
CBD Tincture
CBD Tincture

If it is not the first time you are hearing the term CBD, you might probably have heard of CBD oils and tinctures. They are two of the popular type of CBD products that are in great demand in the market.

Although you might find the terms tincture and oil being used interchangeably, they aren’t the same. In this article, we make a comparison between CBD oil and CBD tincture.

What Is CBD?

For those who don’t know what CBD is, it is a cannabinoid present in cannabis plants. The compound has several therapeutic benefits. The compound has become the star of the health and wellness industry with thousands of CBD products being launched to the market.

What Is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is made by infusing CBD extract in a carrier oil like MCT oil, coconut oil, or hempseed oil.

The CBD extract is obtained by employing a suitable extraction method like CO2 extraction that pulls out beneficial compounds from cannabis plant matter.

What Is CBD Tincture?

CBD tincture is based on alcohol. In tinctures, CBD extract is mixed with high-proof alcohol.

CBD Oil Vs CBD Tincture

Here is a comparison of some of the key features of CBD oil and tincture.


As mentioned above, CBD oils are based on carrier oil while CBD tinctures are based on alcohol solvent.


Most manufacturers choose to avoid the addition of any flavors to CBD oils to retain their potency. The addition of flavors and color will dampen the potency of CBD and other compounds in CBD products.

However, CBD tinctures mostly come with added flavors.

Shelf Life

The difference in the shelf life of CBD tincture and oil is attributed to the solvent component in them.

As CBD tinctures come with alcohol, they have a longer shelf life than CBD oils.


The consumption methods of CBD oil and tincture are similar. They can be taken orally or sublingually.

If needed, you may add them to foods and beverages. CBD oil that comes without any flavor additives has an earthy taste that wouldn’t go well with foods and drinks. In that case, you may better use CBD tinctures.

Choosing between CBD oil and tincture is entirely dependent on your personal choices. If you are sensitive to alcohol, you may go for CBD oil.

Be careful with the selection of CBD oil and tincture as poor quality products could cause ill effects.