What Are The CBD Laws In Texas

CBD And Gonorrhoea
CBD And Gonorrhoea
Is CBD Oil Legal In Texas
Is CBD Oil Legal In Texas

You must have heard about the Farm Bill of 2018 which made CBD and industrial hemp legal in the country. Despite the bill, different states have different rules pertaining to CBD and the source of CBD. Some states have permitted the free use of CBD derived from industrial hemp whereas marijuana-based CBD can be used only for medicinal purposes. Some states do not restrict using marijuana for recreational purposes. These varying rules make carrying CBD a risk while traveling across the state. Texas is one such state where the rules regarding CBD and marijuana usage is different.

So, if you are thinking of traveling to Texas, here are a few things you should know before you pack your bag.

Is CBD Oil Legal In Texas?

Whether the CBD you use is legal or not will depend on the plant from which it is derived. CBD is usually derived from hemp or marijuana of which the latter is legal in Texas. The CBD derived from both these plants have the same chemical structure and the only difference is their source.

Marijuana is rich in THC which is a psychoactive cannabinoid. The CBD extract from marijuana will contain a high concentration of THC by consuming which you will get stoned. Hemp has only 0.3 percent THC, which is not enough to exhibit the psychoactive property of THC.

Marijuana Oil In Texas

The use of marijuana oil is a crime in the state of Texas. The possession of more than 2 ounces of marijuana will earn you around $2000 fine and 180 days in prison. The person will be charged with $10000 and 2 years of jail life if a higher quantity of marijuana is ceased.

Can CBD Be Used For Medicinal Purpose?

The Texas Compassionate Use Act states that CBD oil which has very low THC can be used for epilepsy treatment. The doctors can prescribe CBD oil to treat epilepsy, however, you will need approval from a second doctor to use the same.

What Does Texas Say About Hemp Oil?

Growing hemp and its possession is legal in the state. But, the state police do not have facilities to distinguish between marijuana and hemp oil which means that you can be detained till proper tests have been done on the oil you were caught with. Therefore, to avoid any trouble, you should buy and use CBD oil which has a Certificate of Analysis from a third-party.

There are many CBD manufacturers around the world and due to the increased demand and lack of regulation, many manufacturers do not necessarily produce authentic CBD products. Therefore, it is important for you to buy CBD from reputed manufacturers.