What Happens When You Take CBD Along With Alcohol?

CBD And Alcohol
CBD And Alcohol
CBD And Alcohol

As the popularity of cannabidiol (CBD) has increased greatly, it is being incorporated into a large number of products including skincare products, edibles, lip balms, protein bars, bath soaps, etc. The term CBD has become a buzz word among people. Hence, manufacturers are trying to add this compound to various products.

Now, alcohol manufacturers are producing CBD-infused beers, shots, and various other alcoholic beverages for attracting customers. CBD-infused drinks are now becoming popular in the alcohol industry. However, a lot of people raised concerns regarding the safety of mixing CBD and alcohol. Therefore, through this article, we analyze whether combining alcohol with CBD is safe.

They May Enhance Each Other’s Effects

Alcohol can be useful for reducing inhibitions and creating feelings of relaxation in people. CBD is also found to create similar effects, as it is found to help with controlling anxiety and calming your nerves. CBD can also promote sleep and help people to relax.

Therefore, taking alcohol along with CBD might amplify these effects thereby resulting in symptoms like sedation and increased sleepiness. Some people claim that mixing alcohol and CBD together can intensify the effects caused by each other and might lead to changes in mood and behavior.

A small study conducted to find the effects of mixing CBD and alcohol showed that their combination can result in alterations in the perception of time and impairments in motor performance. Participants didn’t experience these symptoms when CBD was given alone.

But this study is outdated and it also used higher amounts of cannabidiol than most people usually consume.

Unfortunately, further studies for showing the effects of combining CBD with alcohol is not available.

CBD Might Give Protection From The Negative Effects Caused By Alcohol

Some people suggest that taking CBD with alcohol can be useful for minimizing the negative effects caused by alcohol. Some research conducted in this field also supports this statement.

Excessive and long-term use of alcohol can lead to cell damage and other health issues. It might lead to inflammation and even cause chronic diseases like liver disease, pancreatitis, and even some types of cancer. But CBD is found to reduce the cell damage associated with alcohol consumption and it can also reduce inflammation.

Additionally, CBD can reduce blood alcohol levels thereby reducing the impairment of cognitive function.

However, various studies show conflicting results regarding the ability of CBD to reduce the levels of alcohol in the blood. Therefore, further studies and research are required in this field for finding the effects of mixing CBD and alcohol.