CBD Extraction Methods

Cannabidiol CBD
Cannabidiol CBD
CBD Extraction
CBD Extraction

The first process in the making of any CBD product is its extraction from the hemp plant and just like in the case of CBD choices, several choices are available in extraction as well. The extraction methods vary in terms of time taken, associated cost, purity level, and complexity of the steps.

Obtaining CBD Extract Using Ethanol Extraction

It is one of the oldest forms of extraction and is effective in making full-spectrum CBD products and CBD tinctures. The plant parts are soaked in alcohol to extract the essential phytochemicals and the process involves steps of filtration and refining that ensure the purity of the extract.

Obtaining CBD Extract Using CO2 Extraction

 CO2 extraction of CBD is famous for its high purity level and two variants of this method using supercritical and subcritical CO2 can be used. The supercritical method is preferred more because of the low solvency power of the subcritical method. The subcritical method mostly pulls out lighter oils and leaves behind waxes and resins.

The supercritical method of extraction uses CO2 converted to a supercritical state by applying high heat and pressure and the purity level it guarantees is quite high. The method offers better solvency, which increases the extraction time faster through the application of high pressure and temperature. The high purity level guaranteed by the method makes it an excellent choice for preparing CBD isolates that purely contain CBD and no other compound.

The extraction can be suitably tuned for different molecular weights and it leaves no solvent as residue.

Water Extraction

The universal solvent, water in the form of ice or vapor can be used to extract CBD from the hemp plant. This inexpensive method demands a high level of perfection and is often time-consuming.

The working of water extraction can be explained in 3 basic steps

  • Mix the plant trimmings with ice and agitate the mixture.
  • Add water to the mixture and strain out the moisture through a mesh multiple times.
  • Excess water strains from the top and the extract settles at the bottom.

Cleaner processes of extraction ensure the quality of the product and more manufacturers are preferring extraction methods that use cleaning solvents.

Better the efficacy of extraction method, better the CBD quality, and while you choose a CBD product, check the label to be sure of it.