Everything You Need To Know About Pure Cannabidiol Oil

Pure Cannabidiol Oil
Pure Cannabidiol Oil
Pure Cannabidiol Oil
Pure Cannabidiol Oil

The consumption of pure cannabidiol oil has increased ever since the legalization of industrial hemp in the US. It is broadly consumed instead of standard prescription medication for better wellbeing. Here, we will discuss what CBD isolate is, how it compares to cannabidiol tincture, its consumption, benefits to health, and more.

What Is CBD Isolate?

Also known as pure cannabidiol, CBD isolate is a product containing just cannabidiol. Full-spectrum hemp CBD products contain terpenes and every cannabinoid extracted from medical marijuana. Conversely, a ‘CBD isolate’ type product does not contain any of these things. So it is the purest form of cannabidiol product available in the market.

Differences Between CBD Isolate And Tincture

Hemp CBD tincture has ingredients that are different from an isolate. It has ingredients, such as alcohol, glycerin, or cinnamon/peppermint. None of these is in pure cannabidiol.

We will discuss more differences between both hereunder.

Methods Of Extraction

A phase of making an isolate product is the separation of cannabidiol from hemp’s flower. There are many different techniques of CBD extraction. In one method, CO2 (carbon dioxide) is used in the form of a solvent, or a liquid to take out cannabidiol oil from the hemp organic matter.

In one phase of making a CBD tincture, every organic matter of industrial hemp is soaked in a water-alcohol combination solution. Following 14 days, the organic compounds of hemp soak into that mixture. When there are sufficient phytocannabinoids, the liquid is passed through a strainer to confirm that the chlorophyll-carrying hemp matter is remaining.


The taste of cannabidiol tincture is more pleasant compared to CBD isolate. The essential oils, vitamins, and flavors in the tincture make it a better-tasting product. Conversely, unflavored CBD isolate has the earthly taste of hemp, which many users describe as ‘unpleasant’. This is why some flavored CBD isolate products are there in the market – to appease those customers.


CBD isolate contains 99.9% cannabidiol, so it is much more potent as compared to tincture. It does not any have added ingredient.


The priciest of all cannabidiol items is classified as an ‘Isolate’. It does not cost much to extract cannabidiol for a tincture, so a CBD tincture product is more affordable than an isolate.

Shelf Life

Cannabidiol tincture stays usable or fit for consumption longer than CBD isolate because the alcohol content of it works in the form of a preservative.

Advantages Of Consuming CBD Isolate

Pure cannabidiol oil can be consumed for general health and wellness or to treat a particular health condition. Here are some conditions for which it is a good solution.


CBD isolate relieves pain. Cannabidiol has anti-inflammatory effects that help to treat inflammation or inflammatory conditions, which come with pain. Here are some other CBD health benefits.

Anxiety And Depression

Cannabidiol helps to deal with mental depression and anxiety. Researchers feel that CBD increases the levels of serotonin in the body, which helps to make your mood stable and relieves stress symptoms.

Sleep Disorders

Cannabidiol is effective for those who find it difficult to sleep properly at night. The hemp-derived product enhances the quality of human sleep, and it is used to treat disorders such as insomnia. Consuming it will provide better rest for longer.

How Much Cannabidiol Oil Do I Have To Consume?

There is no right or wrong dosage of cannabidiol. It depends on what health condition you are treating or dealing with, the effects that you wish to have, your physiology, and many other factors. Almost everyone consumes mild dosages of it and has amazing results, but others may need to consume more quantity of it for the desired effect.

As a general rule, start with a small dosage and gradually increase it when you experience changes. You will be able to consume just 1 to 2 CBD oil drops daily for the initial seven days, increase your dose in the next week, and continue in the same way until finding the right dose. This is a trial and error you have to do to find what dose of cannabidiol is ideal for you or your health condition.

If you are on any prescription medication, then you must talk to a doctor before consuming CBD alongside it. This is because consuming both together can produce a drug-drug interaction you do not want.

Does It Have Any Side Effect?

It is safe to consume any cannabidiol product, and it has some negligible side effects. These effects include dry mouth, drowsiness, digestive issues, and reduced appetite. Even so, there are ways to deal with some of these side effects.

There has not been any reported case of cannabidiol overdose or demise related to the consumption of a CBD product. For this reason, even the WHO (World Health Organization) says that it is usually safe to consume.