Why It Is Important To Get THC-Free CBD Oil?


CBD and THC are two terms that are now commonly being used in the cannabis industry. These are two important cannabinoids that can be found in the cannabis plant. They exhibit a large number of pharmaceutical benefits, however, the effects they create in the human body are different.

CBD has recently been made legal and it is now possible for you to get CBD products from the market without worrying about legal problems. But THC is still remaining an illegal compound because of the intoxicating effects and addiction it causes. Therefore, it is important for you to know about them for knowing the right option for you. Through this article, we provide some of the important information you want to know about both CBD and THC.

What Is THC?

This is an active cannabinoid present in the cannabis plant that has psychoactive properties. This compound is responsible for creating the “high” associated with cannabis. Therefore, this compound is illegal. Hence, people usually look for CBD oil without THC for ensuring its safety. If THC is present in higher concentrations in your CBD product, it will result in euphoric effects and addiction. Also, the maximum amount of THC allowed in a CBD product is 0.3%. If the concentration of this psychoactive compound is more than this, then the product will become illegal.

Why It Is Important For You To Get CBD Oil Without THC?

Even though THC can provide different health benefits, it can also result in some unwanted effects including addiction and intoxicating effects. Therefore, it is important for you to get CBD oil without THC for avoiding these problems. However, if the amount of THC is 0.3% or less, it won’t result in intoxicating effects. But it may not be still suitable for people who have to undergo drug tests, as THC will be detected in such tests. Hence, it is important for you to get THC-free CBD products for avoiding such issues.

THC-Free CBD Products

You have to be aware that even if the manufacturers claim that the products are 100% THC-free, they might still contain traces of this compound. However, it may not be enough to create any negative effects of this compound.

If you want to avoid THC from your CBD products, then you can get broad-spectrum CBD or CBD isolates. Broad-spectrum CBD will contain all the other compounds present in the hemp plants except THC. CBD isolates will contain only CBD and no other compounds. Therefore, if you are looking for the purest form of CBD, then it is your ideal choice.

THC is a psychoactive compound that can result in different adverse effects in the human body. If you want to avoid the problems associated with this compound, then it is better to get products made of broad-spectrum CBD or CBD isolates which are THC-free.