Should You Have CBD With Alcohol?

CBD And Alcohol
CBD And Alcohol
CBD And Alcohol
CBD And Alcohol

CBD has been used in edibles lately and we are familiar with CBD chocolates, CBD gummies, CBD biscuits, and other edibles. It has always become a part of famous beverages like coffee and smoothies. Now, we have CBD ice creams too.

So, it must not be surprising that CBD in now added to alcohol. CBD in beer is also a new thing that is widely accepted. Can you drink alcohol with CBD oil? How do the two interact and what happens in the body? As a consumer of alcohol, you must know the effect of these drinks on us.

CBD And Alcohol Interactions 

It was discovered recently that our body has an endocannabinoid system that regulates our sleep cycle, mood, immune system, and many other bodily functions. It consists of two types of receptors- CB1 and CB2. CB1 receptors are situated in the brain and throughout the body whereas CB2 receptors can be found in the immune and gastric systems.

When we consume CBD, it triggers reactions with the CB2 receptors which lead to the release of molecules like anandamide- the bliss molecule. This results in us feeling relaxed, reduce pain, boosts immunity, etc. Unlike CBD, THC does not react with CB2 receptors but reacts with CB1 getting us high.

Similarly, alcohol, after absorbed into the blood, travels throughout the body reacting with all the organs and creates a drunk effect by triggering the production of a molecule that reduces our motor coordination and makes us feel relaxed.

When CBD and alcohol are taken together, we can feel its effect on our bodies. We will end up feeling more relaxed and will lose control over our bodies.

Why Should You Have CBD And Alcohol Together?

The benefits of drinking CBD and alcohol together is not short. Basically, CBD sees to it that all the demerits of alcohol are handled.

Have you heard about CBD and alcoholism? Since CBD induces the same effect as alcohol, CBD alcohol will help you reach the drunken state you need with lesser alcohol.

Moreover, it was observed in a study that when a rodent was given CBD before alcohol, the amount of damage done on the liver decreased. This is good news for those who are worried about how their drinking will affect their liver.

Also, it has been proven in a study that CBD helps soothe the nervousness, uneasiness, and pain caused during alcohol withdrawal.

CBD is also good at reducing hangover. It calms down the body, reduces pain, or headache, and controls the urge to throw up.

Let’s conclude that CBD with alcohol is a match that should be given a thought considering its various benefits.