What ‘NOT’ To Take Alongside CBD

CBD Help Treat Insomnia
CBD Help Treat Insomnia
Pure CBD
Pure CBD

If you are keen on including pure CBD in your routine and wondering if there would be any adverse effects as you are already on prescription drugs; then you are on the correct page. The interactions of organic CBD differs from one prescription drug to another. Therefore, this is a tricky topic that needs to be carefully looked into.

Stay with me on this, to read more about the possible interactions CBD could have on a few of the prescription medications. Also, we have tried to cover the potential side effects of doing so. It is always better to be informed than to feel sorry later. So, let us begin now.

With Antidepressants

Taking CBD along with antidepressants like Prozac, sertraline, fluoxetine, and Zolosoft have very minimal side effects. Also, studies revealed that CBD helps in reducing the anxiety levels of people especially the anxiety they experience right before any important event. However, the only important thing to remember is purchasing pure CBD from trusted sellers. Furthermore, it is always safe to consult with your doctor before making a bold move.

With Blood Thinners

Blood thinners are prescribed by doctors to prevent potential blood clots in patients. When processed with cytochrome P-450, these blood thinners interact with CBD. What is significant here is that not all blood thinners are processed this way. So, if you want to consume organic CBD along with blood thinners, please avoid blood thinners that are processed with the cytochrome P-450. Blood thinners such as Heparin, Edoxaban, and Dabigatran are considered fit for consuming along with CBD because there are no known side effects to this. On the contrary, blood thinners like warfarin and apixaban are unsafe when consumed with CBD.

With Beta Blockers

Beta-blockers are prescribed to the patients whose blood pressure needs to be brought down. Beta-blockers function by lowering the heart rate of the patient. When CBD is taken by such patients, the effects of beta-blockers will amplify and they could experience side effects such as lethargy, weakness, tiredness, and dizziness.

With Antibiotics

It is a known fact that CBD works with the ECS (endocannabinoid system) positively and boosts the production of cannabinoids in humans. Hence it is assumed that CBD and antibiotics work well together. However, this is not the case always; again it depends on the processing of the antibiotics. Therefore, it is best to get a medical opinion on this.